I find it very hard to grasp the concept of “forever”.



2012- Year of Maturity & Potential

Now with a title like the abovementioned, we would expect my 2012 is off to a great start.

Two days ago, the company announced there is likely to be no bonus for YE 2011. Likely- Because we have $ which is stuck in a company that has gone bankrupt.

Ouch. No matter how I have prepared myself for this possibility, it was still a downer.

With headhunters and recruitment agents calling, I did consider the thought of jumping ship to another company that is more established.

Then I read an article about loyalty. I think our generation has lost sight of this word. We chase after careers, relationships that fulfill our needs. How often do we stick it out with the company that has groomed and provided us opportunities in the first place?

I am human. DO I WANT THE $? Yes. I texted Khim “Show me da $$$!” in one of our conversations. Moping is not going to get me anywhere though.

Sometimes, making a resolution does not guarantee a smooth sailing journey. It is in these very little situations, we truly recognise the maturity one exemplifies.

I truly believe 2012 will be a year of potential. With the right attitude, we can achieve much.



I had a quick chat with Nels today. Oh I miss having her around so much.

Right after my call with her, it dawned upon me that this year 2012 will be a year of maturity.

New Start

So I pressed the “Delete” button and decided to start afresh. Writing does not come as naturally as before. So, don’t watch this space.

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